Owners and Tenants of the Black Eagle

(according to archive documents)

1698-1727: Heinrich Endters

1727-1742: Georg Puhoczy (Buchoczy)

1742-1750: Franz Puhoczy, (Buchoczy)

1751-1755: Franz Bedő

1755-1775: Johann Lininger

1775–1799: Anton Rauch

1799 –1841 János Rauch (son of A. Rauch)

1828: Mihály Lang – Tenant of the restaurant. Mátyás Hoch’s widow -tenant of the coffee house.

1841 -1890: János Csida

1857: József Roszberger – tenant and restaurant operator. The same document mentions 23 persons working in the inn. The description of their duties suggests the house being used as a restaurant and coffee house and the possibility to stay overnight.

1890: János Tsida’s (Csida) wife is documented as the owner. The restaurant is operated by the innkeeper János Birki and manager Gyula Pongrátz.

Grosz Bernat family 1925

1909: Mária Csida

1909 November: Sándor Lukács and Bernát Grosz are co-owners.

1913: Bernát Grosz is sole holder.

1913: Bernát Grosz has the first cinema of Székesfehérvár being built in the back area of the property. The building of the former cinema Apolló still exists (today: Dr. Koch László utca), but the former art nouveau facade has been lost due to late modernisation.

1916: Modernisation of the restaurant’s entrance.

1926: Renovations. The Black Eagle holds the Grosz’s family flat and an iron mongers and hardware shop.

1934: Renovation of the restaurant, opening of a beer parlor.

1935: Construction of a shed.

1942: Construction of an emergency shelter.

1944: The complete assets and properties of Bernát Grosz are confiscated and Grosz and 32 members of his family deported to Auschwitz.

1952: Nationalisation of the former inn “Black Eagle”.