Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program

This practice is a major part in the educational program of the Black Eagle Society’s charter. The main focus are topics in relation to the history and architectural history of this former inn.

All the studies, results etc are made public or can be accessed on demand to ensure their use in further research.

Time Line

January to March 2020: Consultations for the participants of the short story competition running since the end of 2019. Topics: Architectural history of the Black Eagle Inn, history of technology, information about fashion and furniture. This service was sought out by 22 people.

2018-2020: ViktóriaTóth, Székesfehérvár
Topic: Print preparation of a research paper. Layout and other graphic design tasks.
Task: Preparing the print of a paper about the history of the Black Eagle Inn.
Mentor: Zsuzsa Murányi (Graphic designer, book designer)

2016-2019: Judit Soltész, Budapest. Technical University Budapest, Department of Architecture of public buildings. PhD student.
Supervisor: Mihály Balázs
Thema: The former “Black Eagle Inn”: A house of many functionalities. Collection about the city’s history, multifunctional art gallery (exhibitions, movie screenings, concerts etc) and museum centre.
Mentors: Eszter Fontana, Sándor Keresztes

2016: Viktória Tóth, Székesfehérvár: Passive environmentally friendly technologies in architecture and monument preservation. Public Lecture.
Mentors: Eszter Fontana, Sándor Keresztes

2013-2014: Judit Soltész, Budapest. Technical University Budapest, department for architecture of public buildings. Diploma project. (2013-2014)
Topic: The former “Black Eagle Inn” in Székesfehérvár. Design.
Advisor: Prof.Mihály Balázs, Opponent: László Kalmár
Mentors: Prof. Dr. Eszter Fontana, Sándor Keresztes (architect), Eleonora Kovács (archivist) , Atilla Lantay (municipal first architect in Székesfehérvár). The design has been awarded and positively evaluated by experts. More information

Old Traditions in a New Form

On behalf of the Black Eagle Society, a study has been conducted to research the possibilities of a cultural and touristic utilization of the former inn. This study considers the convenient location, the history, the size and other conditions of the inn named after the Black Eagle. It comes to the conclusion that redevelopment according to standards of the preservation of monuments and new concept of utilization can only harmonize, if all the old functions (education, art and culture, coffee house and restaurants as well as the possibility to stay overnight) will be remembered. However, at the same time, today’s interests need to be taken into consideration. In short, old traditions are followed in an up-dated form. The building is well suited as a venue for concerts, smaller exhibitions, workshops etc. Artists’ studios can be created. The concert hall will be used as an exhibition room, forum and stage simultaneously. The new plans suggest a utilization as a workshop for art and culture. The mentoring program plays a significant role in those plans.