The writer’s competition of 2019 received good media coverage (radio, newspapers, internet message boards etc.) Read more here (Hungarian)

On September 16 2019, two stolpersteine (“stumbling stones”) were laid outside the former Black Eagle Inn. They were the first in  Székesfehérvár and are memorials to Bernat Grosz and his family. The press reported.

On August 17 2015, the Lánczos-Szekfű grants were awarded in Székesfehérvár. The Society Fekete Sas (Black Eagle) was amongst the grantees. The grant will be used to finance the publication about the history of the former inn Black Eagle. (Link (Hungarian))

May 2015: Székesfehérvár’s mayor András Per-Palkovics talks about the new government programm “Modern Cities”. We quote the sentences concerning the future of the Inn Black Eagle:

“… later, a concert hall will be established in the inn Black Eagle, which is deteriorating further and further…” (Fejér Megyei Hírlap, 27.05.2015)
“…part of the decisions improving the quality of life is the plan to establish a atrium like concert hall in the inn Black Eagle, which will also be suitable to serve as a conference venue…”